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Road Tripping 101

Road Tripping 101

When I think TRAVEL, the first thing that comes to mind is road trip, mostly because road trips go hand in hand with savings and fun. I have found that travelling by land has saved me a lot of money but came with maximized pleasure. I enjoy road trips because that’s the only time I get to sit back and clear my head. I know this is bad for those travelling with me but I tend to enjoy my quiet time while driving. However, over the years I have taught myself to be a better person by improving my communication skills when on a road trip. During the road trips one gets to enjoy a lot of sight seeing as you have an opportunity to physically interrogate whatever you come across en-route your destination, compared to just flying in.

I know when we embark on these trips we tend to live on the edge, live like there is no tomorrow however, it is also important to ensure that we take our safety into consideration. Safety guidelines are put in place to ensure that we are safe at all times so that we can continue having a good time. Take some time a read a little in preparation for your next road trip:

Always have your vehicle handbook in the car

This is one book you do not want to leave behind or misplace, you’ll never know when you will need it. Always keep it in a safe and easily accessible part of the car and avoid regrets and wasting a lot of time on the side of the road, waiting for help that may take hours to come.

Have emergency contact numbers/ valuable information visible in your car

We always think we have this one figured, until you find yourself in a situation where you have to think fast. However, unfortunately in most cases when we’re in panic mode we tend to forget how to access these numbers. You know how how the brain tend to be all over the place in times of distress. You end up forgetting even the things you have known your whole life. It always help to have them written and pasted or secured in the car where everyone can see them.

Get a map (hard copy)

I used to think very little about carrying maps when traveling until I could understand how informative and helpful are they. When travelling in remote areas maps are your best bet, as your trusted modern technology does not work where there is no coverage. Another advantage of using maps is that they are very detailed and can even show the smallest of important life saving land marks that could easily be overlooked.

At least have two drivers

Very important, you need to have at least two drivers, for your own safety. Fatigue has been identified as one of the leading courses of accidents on our roads, especially during night time. It is also very important to note that both drivers must have sober habits, as we can never cease to over emphasis on the importance of NOT drinking and driving. An accident only takes a second to occur but the damage can be calculated to hundreds of thousands. Take those two hour breaks and be safe on the roads.

Pack your phone chargers & Power Banks

How I always get this right is I always make sure it’s always the last thing to pack, and it’s always with my phone and in a spot where I can not miss it. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no battery. As much as our cars these days have charging ports you need to always have a power bank stashed somewhere. For example in some establishments there are few/ no charging ports, then the power bank will come in handy. Don’t be caught sleeping!

Wear comfortable clothes

When travelling nothing beats a pair of slags, shorts, tights/ a lose dress. You do not want to be uncomfortable all the way to your destination. Part of the fun involves being comfortable and happy  all the way, no one wants a grumpy travel companion.

Gather a like minded crew

The best recipe for a great road trip is having a bunch of like minded individuals. This reduces the amount of friction and clash of ideas and personalities. When you think alike and enjoy the same activities every thing falls into place. This is one thing I have always been fortunate to master in my travel life. There will be differences here and there but that can easily be fixed with a compromise because everyone is pulling to the same direction.

Great sense of humour is key

People with a great sense of humour make the journey even more enjoyable. These are my kind of people because I feed on laughter. If there is one thing I do best, it has to be laughing my life away. These are the same people that will take the weight off your shoulders in times of trials, as they have the precious ability to make fun of every situation. They are the life of a party, you need a lot of these in your trip, as long as you do not have super sensitive people in your crew 😉.

Great music selection adds FUN to the trip

For a successful road trip you need a winning music selection, therefore it is wise to ask everyone the type of music they enjoy so that they can be accommodated. Better yet, request each person to submit their favourite songs so that you can compile an inclusive play list. You have not been on a great road trip until you have had to stop on the side of the road to just dance and go crazy.

Snap your lives away

A road trip with no camera would be very boring. Then main exciting parts of the road trip are those random stops to take pictures along the way. There is no need to hurry to a destination and deprive yourselves of the time to enjoy the sights and beauty that is the nature along the way. It gets even more exciting when you meet other travellers that do not mind taking pictures with you. Lasting friendships could be formed during those crazy moments, so my advise to you would be to live a little, go crazy and do the most random things because you only live once_YOLO!

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