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Bungy Jumping at 216m Above Bloukrans River

Bungy Jumping at 216m Above Bloukrans River

For the longest time, I have always wanted to bungy jump but always thought I would start small but
when I travelled on the garden route recently I could not resist doing it on the Bloukrans Bridge. This
is the world’s highest bungy jumping bridge in the world at 216 meters above the Bloukrans River.
There is not enough words that can express the feeling I got before, during and after the jump, some
parts I cannot even recall myself. I wanted to do it with every fibre in my body so much that before I
took the jump I thought I was ready for it until I was I the air, free flowing. Then suddenly I was very
conscious of my situation and what this could turnout to be should anything go wrong. A lot happens
in a short space of time, you literally blink and all your life has been altered and fortunately mine
was altered for the better.
What was more rewarding for me was the fact that I was going to be able to share with everyone
and encourage them to go and feel the same liberating feeling I felt while in the air (before the
famous jerking that reminds you that you’re hanging up side down …lol). It also helps to have a
cheer leader along the way, thanks to my number one fan, I was never scared but excited to do it
and tick it off my bucket list.
The excitement set in as soon as I put on that harness, the feeling took me back to my graduation
day, one of the very important days in my life. It’s a feeling you can’t really explain, it’s
immeasurable happiness that consumes you and for that moment it becomes the only thing that
makes sense to you. It just takes over your life, kicking every thing else out. The staff at Bloukrans
Bungy make the mood more exciting with their almost counselling conversations they make with
you. Then the music that ushers you on is just a cherry on top.
Like I always tell people, that was my first jump of many to come. The greatest experience of all
See my video on the link below:

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