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Keeping fit while travelling

If you are constantly on the road, that alters your gym schedule and routine, but hard as it may be you need to always keep your fitness levels in check. A healthy body enhances your travelling abilities therefore as a traveller you need to take good care of your body. It is the only trusted vehicle that takes you from one destination to the next. When it fails, your whole travel plan and itinerary becomes messed up.

I always carry my gym clothes with me wherever I go, even on a weekend away. What I have learned and come to embrace is that you do not need a personal trainer or a physical gym studio, gym is wherever you are. All you need is determination and courage to see it through. All you need really in a day is 45 minutes of being active. If you do that everyday, then you may never need to set foot inside your conventional gym studio again.

Travellers can also keep fit by doing some of these activities I do when  I am travelling, and they are far too easy and most of them do not cost a dime:


Hike: this is what I always look for when visiting an area, I enjoy hiking though sometimes it becomes very difficult to follow through with it. For instance in some areas you will find that you will need transport to get to a hiking trail.

Run: you can always join the local park run if your visit includes weekends or alternatively research marathons/ races in the area. If you are like me just make it a habit to go for a morning jog and then enjoy your weekend in peace.

Walking: afternoon walks are the coolest especially when you had a very relaxed day. It does not use up much of your energy but you need to make sure that you do effective walking.

YouTube/ fitness apps: this will come in handy if you are staying in a hotel/hostel that does not have a gym. You just set up in the room and follow instructions for the set amount of time and you are done for the day.

World wide/national gym membership: there are those gyms that allows you to use any of their gyms even outside of the country. This works better for people that love routine as it almost guarantees that their gym program will not be interrupted.

Bring a mobile gym: there are small items like your skipping ropes, stretch belt and yoga mats that one can easily carry with while travelling. Weights can be a bit problematic as they may take up a few kilos you would rather save for your daily essentials.

Join a local gym class/sport: joining a local yoga class/ dance studio is a perfect way of also blending with the locals, long lasting relationships can be formed. You can also get an opportunity to meet a friend that will take you around town, show you things you would not have been able to reach on your own.

Hotel gym: most hotels these days have in-house gyms, this will save you time and money and are more safer; and will allow you to go to gym first thing in the morning when you wake up before going sight seeing. With an in-house gym your time is not limited, you can even choose to go very late in the evening to release some steam.

Healthy eating habits: as difficult as it may be at times but one must try to eat healthy even when travelling. As much as we would not like to admit it but there is always a healthier version of the food we always go for. You do not want your hard work at gym to be in vain, therefore you need to take up on healthy eating and stick to it, all the time.


This is but the few of the activities one can do while travelling, you can combine, do interchangeably or chose to stick with one. For me Jogging always seems to be the easier option. All you do is pick the time to do it, be consistent and then viola, you have a routine.

There is no excuse for not being active, there is always a gym around you, you just need to find/ create one.




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