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Kiddies must pack items for a family vacation

Going away with your kids? For an enjoyable trip and your own peace of mind, remember to pack the following for them:



Layering clothes are a necessity when travelling with children, as these little people get agitated sometimes when you try to make them wear a jacket. Besides that children are messy people so you will probably need to change them twice before you get to your destination so 2 sets of change of clothes per day is a must. You can never make the mistake to forget packing the swim gear for your little ones as they love spending time in the pool.


Apart from the electronic games also pack board games, cards, puzzles and other brain stimulating games, though that can be detrimental to your peace of mind as more and more questions will start streaming in.

Reading Material

Reading goes a long way in keeping the children occupied and stable for a few minute, hours if you are lucky. Character books like Spider man, Frozen and the likes work much better as most kids like them. Therefore, as a parent you need to keep up with what is trending on the kids reading zone so that you can entice them.


Which child does not like snacks, if it was for them they’d snack their lives away, with little or no nutritious food at all. Stocking on snacks for the road is the best way to go because they will ask for it as soon as they are bored and you do not want to be caught sleeping because your whole journey will be a nightmare. However, try to buy more healthier snacks and limit their consumption because you do not want to end up at the side of their bed in hospital either.

Colouring books

These are good for your toddlers, they love colouring. These come in very handy when there are fights because the older ones are reading and the small ones are trying to mimic but go for the same book and a fight breaks out. Together with the colouring books, include pencils, markers and crayons because children are adventurous in nature and will want to try them all but will never decide which one works better. They will keep on using crayons and markers interchangeably.


Kids like to fiddle with things, distracting other people even the driver, causing havoc and just being unruly; therefore you need something that can catch their attention and keep them still for some time. One of the things that can easily curb all that that have been proven to do all that. Always carry a variety of movies for them to enjoy either at the or in the car.


Stuffed animals

A stuffed animal 8 every child’s best friend, at least most of them because my niece is an Children go crazy over these, if you dare forget their favourite at home you will know the Mother of all tantrums. In most cases children see and treat these as their friends and most of the time their only friend so if they don’t have them they feel lonely and their mood will change and a feeling of unhappiness will overcome them.

Hand sanitizers & moist wipes

Life has been made easy for you, instead of having to carry a moist and dry towel to wipe your little people you now can use hand sanitizers to keep their hands clean all the time. Moist wipes are my favourite as they are 2 in 1 and are a serious life saver for all those little accidents.


These perform a number of functions when you are on the road or on vacation. They can serve as a blanket when they feel cold or want to sleep. You will need them again when you get to your destination and the kids want to go for a swim, so you just cannot afford to travel without them.

Special First-aid Kit

We call it special first aid kit because on top of all the other normal stuff that will be in a first aid kit as a parent you need to improvise, add more stuff. The worst mistake you can do is travel without a thermometer,  arlegex,  tummy and flu meds and some panado syrup/pills.


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