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My Journey and Social Media

My Journey and Social Media

I can clearly recall how I used to think very little of people concerned about their following on social media. I did not understand what was the fuss about because  as I understood it social media was just meant for me and my friends to keep in touch and know who’s doing what and where. Little did I know that I had it all wrong. I had my ahha! moment when I started reading about interesting topics, people and destinations and engaging more in these platforms.

Over the years I do not know how many friend requests I have turned down. This was all before I learned about the power of social media. Had I known better I would have had triple the following I have today. Today I embrace social media like I was never sceptical about it. Once I got the hang of it I was unstoppable, my interests widened. I followed the right people and places in line with my vision, built my social media profile and became a better person. My brand is now thriving, one day at a time.


Once I realised how much I needed social media in my life, suddenly it was ok for me to share my life with the rest of the world without even thinking twice about it, it became a neccessity. It gave me the courage I never even knew I needed to be great in doing what I love. I stopped thinking that there is someone out there waiting for me to slip up and compromise my safety and that of my family. My experience has also taught me the following:


  • I learning from other social media expects, something I could not afford to do without today.
  • It cultivated the yearning of starting my own travel blog and making it a success by sharing all my travel experiences while encouraging others to travel too.
  • It taught me the power of pictures and the wonderful stories they tell.
  • It revived my love for photography. Some people know me as a person who will never miss an opportunity to pose for a picture, what they do not know is that I love taking great pictures of everything I come across, that I used to carry a camera in my purse everyday when the cameras used to be quite small.
  • I rejuvenated my passion for writing, I have since become a better writer, I now put more thought to what I scribble.


Social media being the integral part of my travel journey now, I have so much respect for the people making a name for themselves through the social media platforms. I now understand that for any marketing campaign  to succeed in 2017 every brand needs a well managed social media foot print. This is where your money is, but you need to take it serious and constantly work on improving your strategy and outlook for it to work for you:


  • Always be available to respond to any queries directed to all your posts. Being on the road a lot could prove to be a challenge but always make time.
  • Always update about things that you know about so that you can always be able to back your story up.
  • Acknowledge the response you get by providing more refined posts.
  • Respect your followers.
  • Content development then becomes very important in ensuring brand loyalty.
  • Be consistent in your updates on all your social media platforms.


Through social media I am now a better person, I have grown mentally and emotionally, most importantly  I have become a reader. I read a lot compared to a year/ two ago. I have formed bonds with people I would never have had an opportunity to share ideas with in the first place. Social media had been a hub for my growth. I am glad I lived in this era.

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