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Road Trip to Clarens 2017

Road Trip to Clarens 2017

There’s always something exciting about road trips and this one was no different. It was one of my
Friends Birthday and we decided on a weekend away to Clarens which is located in the Free State,
260km away from Johannesburg. What is nice about road trips is that there is no rush, you make as
many stops as you like, take more pictures and have fun on the way. We were a group of 10 Friends
and everybody was looking forward to a weekend of fun in the sun. We booked a huge self catering
farm house.

Roodepoort Farm is seated at the foot of the mountain. What’s lovely about this set up is that the
mountain gives the farm a very spectacular back drop for your pictures. The lawns are ever green,beautifully cut and gives a lush touch under your feet. The house has a rustic feel, with its antique furniture and exposed copper wiring. Almost all the rooms had spectacular views, if it’s not the mountain it’s the trees and the lawn. We were on the first group to arrive, on arrival on Thursday evening we stayed in, we slept early so that we can be bright and beautiful for the next day when the adventure begins.

OnFriday morning we had breakfast and then made our way to Clarens Spa and Wellness Centre intown for some facials. We then took an hour drive to Qwaqwa through the majestic Golden Gate for sightseeing and then had lunch at the top of the mountain overlooking Qwaqwa. The views from themountain showcasing Qwaqwa’s marvellous landscape. After our lunch we headed back to the farm as some of the friends had started arriving.

As soon as everyone had arrived we started preparing for a fish braai, we kicked off the night with some nice deep house mixes (deeper shades of house) by Larse Behrenroth. It was a great night we even had a visitor (cat) who wanted to share the fun, we named him Napoleon, I called him NappyNaps. This jolly little chap sadly died 2 days later after a huge fight with some very angry bird. All in all, it was a great night, we wrapped it up in the early hours of Saturday.

The next morning we went for an early morning hike, the weather was not that friendly, it was very windy and chilly but we braved it and it felt good when all was said and done. After the needed rest, preparation for the birthday picnic were underway. We spent the whole day stuffing our faces with
food and lovely drinks listening to all kinds of music, dancing and singing along to the cool sounds.
Funny enough the weather suddenly became unpleasantly hot as a result we kept changing spots, following the tree shades. As the sun sat, it was time for a lovely tshisanyama (braai) and some lovely conversations around the dinner table. The night was sealed with some board games and that is when I slowly moved towards my bed, calling it a night.

Sunday morning everyone woke up at their own time as most people were going to be leaving at
noon, while the rest of the girls were going for a Spa day. After breakfast people were ready to hit the road, and as soon as they left, the house felt so empty. That’s when we knew we had to leave the house and look forward to an afternoon of pampering. It’s always nice to do girl stuff, we had anamazing time. Valuable time which you just want to capture and marvel on forever, keep the timefrom moving and savour the moment. We had an early night, straight after dinner we got ready for
bed as we were going to wake up very early and head home the next day.

Though Clarens is a very small town it is a tourist destination in its own right as it boasts a number ofactivities such as it’s famous arts route where you get a number of artistic displays for art lovers’enjoyment. It is also famous for it’s craft brewery where craft beer lovers go for tasting and get toexperience the different types. I am told it’s a great experience. You cannot mention Clarens and not mention the hiking trails. These can be seen in different mountains that surround this small town.

We had a fabulous Free State experience alternative to the mangaung experience we normally
enjoy. In my books this was a well rounded weekend away, lots of fun was had, new experiences and great
sight seeing

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