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Road Trip to Rawsonville

You might have picked up already that I live for road trips, I enjoy the long drives especially if
I am not the one driving. I never get enough of the road because my hunger to see new
places and be amazed by the natural beauty of our country is bigger than me. As per the
norm, last year December I packed my bags and made my way to Cape Town in preparation
for a mini road trip to the country side. I could not wait to breath the refreshing air, not
contaminated by the toxins of the city.
Before we kicked off our road trip we had a lovely breakfast at some lovely restaurant in the
middle of the Cape Town Museum. It is a nice chilled establishment that is loved by Tourists,
perfect for bird watchers and has some nice picnic spots. The Table Mountain also serves as
a beautiful backdrop for your pictures. When we were full and had relaxed a bit we were
ready to amerce ourselves to the beauty of the Breedekloof Wine Route. This route includes
Rawsonville, Goudini, Slanghoek and Breede River areas that boasts a range of boutique
wineries and large cellars with a magnificent landscape.
We ended up in Picardi Place which was the greatest choice we had made for ourselves. On
arrival we were met by the ever smiling owner Jaco, who showed us to our room and we
settled in nicely. For dinner he had booked us a table at Melissa’s in DuToitskloof Wine
Estate. After freshening up we left for dinner and Jaco came to join us, we had a lovely
evening getting to know each other and him telling us about the beauty of the area, then
retired for the night.
The following day we woke up to a beautiful day, clear skies, birds singing, and fresh air
which was sealed by a mouth watering breakfast with all organic ingredients. It is always
great to have home made meals, my first time ever eating a very tender bacon. We had a
very lazy day, saving our energies for a fun packed night. ‘Back Coffee’ who is my favourite
DJ of all time was playing at Shimmy Beach and there was no way I was going to miss that.
As anticipated, it was a beautiful night, we danced the night away ignoring the aching feet
and all. We were joined by our friends (Aya & Mbu), a very lovely and jolly couple which
made the night special. We finally decided to call it a night and began driving back home
which was a bit of a strain because the excitement was now all gone.
The feeling that came with sitting out in a cool shade, tantalising your taste buds with the
ever delicious breakfast was so rewarding and something we looked forward to every day.
After taking a bath we went out to explore the area a bit, we discovered a lot of activities that
can be done in the area. However, because this was supposed to be our time off, we had
decided not to do any activities. We only went out to the nearest movie theatre and watched
movies. Later in the day we prepared to go out for the new year celebrations, more music,
more dancing and a good time with friends.
Sunday was a day put aside to just bask in the sun and do little to nothing, and we did just
that. We only went out to get some food and came back for the sunset views. We stayed
outside for the best part of the night. We had dinner under the stars, admiring the beauty of
the moon and the stars was the highlight of the day. In that part of the Cape the skies are
more clearer and the stars are bigger and brighter. We fell asleep under the starts and woke
up after midnight and only went to bed then. It was a great night.
Then it was time to go home, straight after breakfast we said good bye to Picardi Place and
off we went to the airport and that summed up a great holiday that was. Since that holiday
the Breedekloof Wine Route has been on my mind, and have made a promise to myself to
go back and explore it even further, discover all the hidden gems.

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