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6 fun facts about the wild coast

6 fun facts about the wild coast

The Wild Coast has the only waterfall in the Eastern Cape that flows straight to the sea. This special and spectacular waterfall is called the Waterfall Bluff.

Along the hike there are still visible ditches where people used to keep their corn that will then be used as seeds to plant mealies.

The Wild Coast has such beautiful, unspoiled beaches even the cows can’t resist them. In many beaches you will find them sitting on the sand, by the water.

There is an indigenous tree with a healing effect that was used in the olden days (still used today) to heal took aches. The name of the tree is Mlungu Mabele.

The only place in the Eastern Cape that has a natural health spa called Isinuka. There is a tale being told that one citizen tried to fence the Isinuka and charge people an entrance fee but instead when he woke up the Isinuka had moved to a new location.

Mapuzi caves harboured the ANC members & Umkhonto wesizwe members during the apartheid era.

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