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Fun Facts About East Africa

Fun Facts About East Africa

Traveling around East Africa was an exciting and an eye opening experience. It was a journey of many firsts. As we were moving from Uganda – Kenya – Tanzania we would every now and then pick up a few things that we found to be very interesting ‘fun facts’. As per the norm, I documented a few, I hope you enjoy them and learn a little.

East Africa has four out of the 7 wonders of Africa.

These include, Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Mt Kilimanjaro and the Nile River.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the Highest Free standing Mountain in the World.

The Nile river (longest river that stretches over 6,650km) traverses over 10 countries.

The Arusha Clock monument is the mid point of the famous Cape to Cairo route, and the centre of the triangle formed by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

The maximum speed limit on the roads is 80km/hr and it can go as low as 50km/hr in most areas and this is what you will have to deal with if you try to escape from the many random road block.

Vendors stay on side of the road, if you are selling on the left side of the road it is illegal to cross over to ther side of the street.

In most government establishments, including some monuments people are not allowed to step into the grass.

There are more tribes in Kenya than the Masai and Kikuyus we know of (expressed in Song and Dance).

Mt Meru found in Tanzania is the same mountain known as Mt Kenya in Kenya.

They are named differently depending on which side are you accessing the mountain from (Tanzania/ Kenya).

PSSSST: If you have more East African fun facts, please leave them in the comments and educate others.


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  • Palesa Makuru
    June 23, 2019 at 1:36 am Reply

    The most interesting fact here is the mt khenya fact. Never thought a mountain could have two names

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