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9 Reasons Why Hostels Are The Business

9 Reasons Why Hostels Are The Business

In these tough economic times, it would be in your best interest to start looking at the hostels as another type of accommodation when you travel. They are called youth hostels but in reality all ages are welcome, others even have family sections; you just need to choose them carefully. You don’t want to find yourself in a Party hostel when all you need are quiet nights and early mornings. Did I mention how neat and clean these hostels are, white linen and all. The beds are also comfortable, the only thing that matters to me. But don’t take my word for it, below are a few advantages of staying in a hostel to help you make that decision to try them and then come back and tell us about your experience:

Meet People From Around The World

The hostels are a breeding ground for new friendships and adventure partners, whether you’d prefer to form a small group or just find a buddy. Most avid travellers, those that do months and months on the road prefer hostels and most of the time travel alone. These are the types of people that are always ready and willing to strike a conversation with strangers. They are also always open for new experiences, therefore you can score a travel buddy in an instant, even if it’s just for a day. In some cases people end up traveling the world together only after chatting for just a few minutes and finding out that they have a lot in common. Yep, it is that simple sometimes.

Wallet Friendly

You want to save money so that you can travel more, enjoy more activities in a city you are visiting? The best suggestion would be for you to stay in a hostel. You have options to choose from, depending on the type of a traveler you are and the type of getaway you have set out to enjoy. You can either go for the cheapest option that would be an 8/6 occupants dormitory. If you are somewhat looking for a quiet time you can book a 4 occupants dormitory or a private room. Because of the way these rooms are designed, you are guaranteed a saving in whichever option you go for. When traveling, you aren’t going to want to spend a lot of time at home anyways. So you might as well save a little money on accommodation and splurge on the experiences.

Perfect For Solo Travelers

Hostels are where most solo travelers like to stay. This is a perfect space where they get to interact with other solo travelers, share travel stories, tips and itineraries of where to travel next. You will never know, some meet their life time friends and partners. Don’t ever say I’ve never plugged you 😉

Great Locations

Most hostels are centrally located, they are always closer to the mainstream transportation, making it very easy for you to move around. This also makes your exploring escapades bliss because they are just a walk away, saving you a lot of time and money.

Discounted Tickets

Hostel staff will give you loads of free advice & info but many hostels also provide discounts and transportation vouchers. Bern Youth Hostel gave us a free pass for all transport within 100 and 101 which covers the City of Bern and immediate surroundings, which cut a lot of our spending. We even used it to supplement our trip to Interlaken. I tell you, these come in very handy when you are away from home.

Stay In Unique Lodging

We all enjoy unique experiences, and most hostels are made just for that. The capsule hostel in Lucerne, Switzerland is one of those. At face value you would have all sorts of anxiety and panic attacks thinking you will die of suffocation but as soon as you walk in, all that goes away.  You get blown away by the interior of the capsule, its over the edge digital nature and the spacious illusion you experience when inside it. There is even space for a small bag if you are not comfortable with leaving your bags outside, it’s an experience of a life time.

Provide Great Travel Experience

What’s the point of exploring a foreign place if you aren’t learning something new? You will gain insight and advise that will save you so much time because you’ll have less to figure out on your own and more time to explore. They always have Maps available for you and a list of all the hip and happening establishments in the area. My favourite is when they give you a low down if all the eateries and food markets around.

Access To A Kitchen

Let’s be honest, after a long time on the road we all crave a home cooked meal and hostels are champions in that avenue. Unlike in hotels, if you do not feel like having the food prepared by the hostel or any fast food, you have an opportunity to make your own food in their communal kitchen. Who does not like a little chit chat with other patrons about everything and anything while busy preparing your food? Believe it or not, that is how many friendships and relationships have been formed over the years.

Communal Spirit

I have never been in a hostel where I have experienced unfriendly and unhelpful hosts, never. The owner at Curiosity – Durban even played a Porter for us, once he discovered that we were there for the Tourism Indaba, he personally invited us to the Welcome Party. The minute you walk into the doors, you are met with friendly stuff that will be your personal guides throughout your stay. They are the go to people and that spills over to the patrons as well. People are always willing to assist, there is just a warm sense of welcoming that makes you feel at home and all warm and fuzzy inside.

Organized Activities And Great Parties

If you really want to have a great time or travelling during the festive season or you just want to let your hair down, a party hostel is a great option. You may not get much sleep, but the fun is on another level. Many hostels like Curiosity in South Africa have their organized activities which goes a long way because it gives you back the time you would have lost in trying to create your own itinerary. These activities are always offered at unbelievably discounted prices, a win – if you ask me.

From the cool experiences like in-house music nights, yoga by the beach and some fishing and hiking escapades, you don’t need to pay me to stay in hostels. What about you? Share your experience with us below. #khenkethamzansi



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