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11 Fun Facts About Animals Found At Mfolozi Game Reserve

11 Fun Facts About Animals Found At Mfolozi Game Reserve

This game reserve is home to a number of animals, this covers almost all of the animals found in South Africa. Mfolozi also boasts over 400 bird species. It is no wonder it was declared the second largest game reserve in South Africa/ Africa.

A bird – Drongo can be seen following the animals as they move around so that it can catch the flies that emerge from the grass with each step

Rhinos use dung and urine to mark their territory. They kick it around so that when another male approaches they can know that the area has been marked and already claimed.

Contrary to what you have been told, Buffalos are the strongest in the jungle, and when they charge they hit you at about 50km/h.

Black Rhinos are a rare find because they are very shy and they tend to move in silos, unless it’s the mating season. However, when the mating season is over they quickly separate and go back to their old ways.

KZN is a home to the Nyala, and one other way to distinguish between female and male Nyala is that females are lighter and have no horns. Males as they grow they become darker and have horns.

When you spot a harem of Impalas, it is usually a male moving with his females. After every year the males fight to take over that Harem and it seldom happens that the same male will win the fight as they would have gotten old and frail, so each year a new male takes over.

Elephants are quite intelligent. The eldest female leads the herd of elephants. She decides when, how and where to go. They chase out the young males born in the same family so that they go out and mate with females from other families and not their own.

A Savanna or a Chukma Baboons are always led by old males for protection. The Leaders are always on the lookout for any danger.

Warthogs family structures can only be experienced in winter, during the mating season. Afterwards the male splits, leaving the female with the young ones.

Leopards are the most rare pets, they enjoy solitary living. Most of them stay on top of the tree to spot their pray from a distance. They usually hunt at night because they have great vision.

Lion’s are most scared of humans than we are of them.


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Comments (2)

  • Siphokazi Canca
    December 4, 2019 at 8:58 am Reply

    Lions are more scared of us? Didn’t know that, tell that to me brain. Interesting article.

    • admin
      December 5, 2019 at 6:29 am Reply

      I also was shocked….however, I till will play very far from them 😀

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