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Virtual Hiking Festival – The Heritage Day special 2020

Virtual Hiking Festival – The Heritage Day special 2020

Hike wherever you are in the world! 

24th September marks the start of the Virtual Hiking Festival series. This day was also put aside to celebrate South Africa’s diverse heritage. Therefore, it made perfect sense to launch the series with a ‘Heritage Day’ special.

Gather your squad and let’s make this Heritage Day extra special by doing what we love, for a good cause. Join the Virtual ‘Heritage Day’ Hiking Festival 2020 and enable the UNLIKELY TRAVELERS ( African Youth) to travel and ultimately become Global Citizens. This is an advantage every African Child should have in their life time. Be the one to make it a reality – “Be the change you want to see around you”.

In an effort ‘To Make Traveling Accessible to all, Adventure Travel Tribe has launched a Travel Youth Fund. Raising funds to create opportunities for Black African Youth to travel and learn about other cultures through collaborations, with their peers within their country and around the world; ultimately finding and funding study and working opportunities globally.

Through this program the recipients will be taught the importance of ‘Paying It Forward’ and Sustainable Tourism. They will make a pledge to leave the places they visit in a better condition than they found them, by help others and performing acts of kindness along the way. The youth will also be taught the importance of Love, Tolerance and Global Citizenship.

All the proceeds from the festival will go to the Travel Youth Fund and will be used for towards accommodation, transportation, entertainment and educational activities. Donations are welcome from those that can unfortunately not hike on the day. Click on the link and register too, and stand a chance to win yourself a set of Hiking Poles.

Furthermore, this will go a long way in ensuring that South Africa produces community centric, open-minded and well-rounded Global Citizens.

Please join this global wave and lend a helping hand. Let’s all go out in numbers and hike for good. Click on the poster to register. Hiking poles up for grabs! 🎉

Pssttt: Sharing is Caring 😉

~change what you can, where you are~









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